4 Best Psychological Tricks of Websites

4 Best Psychological Tricks of Websites
  • 25 August 2021
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When it comes to starting an ecommerce business it is easy to assume that you will need to find people who want to buy products. But that is not necessarily the case. In fact, most purchases that are made online are impulse decisions. In other words, people decide to buy the product on the spot. If you want to generate more sales, it is important to implement some psychology tricks into your sales pages.

1. Urgency

This marketing trick has been around for decades and it makes people believe that they must purchase the product as quickly as possible. Most people won’t buy a product if they have plenty of time to think about the decision.

There are two ways to create a feeling of urgency.

a) Offer the product for a limited amount of time. How many times have you seen a product with a red warning stating that there are only three copies left? You can also create a feeling of urgency by displaying a discount that is only available for a few minutes.

b) Put a deadline on the product. In other words, tell your visitors that the product will only be sold for a certain amount of time. It will encourage your visitors to purchase the product as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to place large text next to your product that says “Limited copies available! Order today! When people read the text, it will make them believe that they have to purchase the product as quickly as possible.

Of course, finding the best combination of marketing tricks to improve conversion will require a significant amount of testing. In other words, there is a sweet spot between the two above techniques that you will have to find. Don’t push each technique too hard, if visitors realize that it is just a marketing technique, they will likely not purchase the product.

2. Establishing Trust

If you are not a popular brand most people will question your credibility and trustworthiness. The reason this happens is because most people don’t trust new products. They will often scan the page and look for testimonials or perhaps conduct a quick Google search for a product review. When people are suspicious of a sales page, it will be difficult to convince them to purchase the product. However, the good news is that it is possible to establish enough trust to make your visitors purchase a product. One of the best ways to do this is to buy a seal of approval from a trusted website. There are many websites that will examine your website and grant you access to a seal of approval to use on your homepage. Some of the top internet security websites that allow you to use seals are Symantec Safe Site, McAfee and Trust-Guard. Place a sticker from one of these websites onto your website and visitors will instantly trust the content of your webpage. Of course, it is important that you remember to not purchase too many badges because that makes it look like you are trying too hard. I recommend using one banner badge to establish trust, place it somewhere in plain view. Stick to a max of 2-3 security badges. The header is a good spot for a badge.

3. Social Proof

Social proof is another way to establish trust with your visitors. But instead of using a badge of approval from a security company, you’ll be depending on other people for trust. The best way to do this is to work on collecting as many followers on social media as possible. Stick to the top three social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Place the share buttons on your sales page to make it clear that people are interested in your product. The idea is to make a new visitor think “Hmmm… If so many people like this product, it must be good? Most people don’t feel guilty for buying something that they actually need. However, when someone purchases something that they don’t need, they will feel guilty, and possibly ask for a refund. The idea is to make people believe that your product is good by showing them that other people believe it’s good. Gain trust with your new visitors and your conversion rate will drastically improve.

4. Micro Commitments

People love to finish projects that they start but most people start many projects and never have time to finish them. Have you noticed how it is much easier to continue writing a report once you write the first paragraph? It is much easier to continue working on a project than it is to start working on a project. Once start the process, it is much easier to continue, which is the point of micro commitments. Take a quick look at Optimizely.com. The website does not want to educate you about their solution or sell a subscription immediately. All they want is for you to do one thing: enter your website’s URL. Why? Because when you do it will begin the process of their product and it will be much easier to continue. You’ll accomplish your goals and commit to the project. You´ll want their product more than if you would have just read their sales page.

Today a good sales page should not only contain a sales copy and some nice images, but it should incorporate good appearance with knowledge about human behavior. The result of this special mixture is good conversion rates and success for your business. Use this tricks on your website to get more customers and grow your revenues with no big effort.

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