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    One of the most sought after types of traffic is adult related traffic. As a result, it can also be the most expensive to acquire. One expiring adult site with very few links recently sold at auction for over $300,000 USD because it was a good type in traffic domain.

    Because these good adult type in traffic domains are rare they also tend to be expensive.

    If you were going to build an adult site from scratch you would spend hundreds of hours trying to find adult directories to list your site in. Chances are good that you would have to pay for those links (or listings) in those adult related directories.

    The quality of those links or the amount of traffic they might generate for your adult site is questionable and you won't know until after you have paid money to get listed.

    A single link in a high quality (high PR rank) high traffic adult site could cost you thousands of dollars a month.

    In the end, you could easily spend hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars building links to your new adult web site (or any website for that matter).

    Is there a more cost effective way to get adult traffic? Yes.

    Every year thousands of people will launch an adult website and have very limited success. They may have spent thousands of dollars to have adult directories or websites add a link to their site.

    They may have failed for any number of reasons including paying too much for web hosting or adult content, having a poor quality web site, or simply not being able to convert visitors to paying customers.

    Many of these adult sites will then simply go out of business. Some are for sale here: Adult Traffic

    We can locate an buy these failing adult web sites that have adult related links for you but chances are the each site we acquire for you will not have a huge amount of traffic by themselves. But what we do is many sites for you, not just a single site. The traffic from the group of sites as a whole is how your web site traffic will explode when you redirect these adult site's traffic to your own.

    Since you will own these sites outright, you are of course free to set them up as adult websites again instead of redirecting them to your existing successful website if you like. You could then use these previously unsuccessful adult websites as front end portals to attract new customers.

    Although acquiring adult websites that have links is not cheap because of the competition for them, we can acquire them for you less than it would cost you to pay for the links to be added to your own site.

    Here is why a package of adult traffic related sites will cost you more:

    Out of the 700,000 or so websites that go out of business every day, very few have any quality number of links to them. In other words, the webmasters made a serious effort to build traffic to their site.

    Out of the handful of sites that have links, very few are adult related sites (or any other narrowly focused type of site).

    Lastly, the competition for these handfuls of gems (adult sites with links) is high and can vary from one day to the next.

    So one day there may be a few adult sites with web site links that expire and no competition for them and the next day there might be only one and a lot of competition for it. But on most days there will be no adult sites with a reasonable number of quality links to them that expire.

    The chances are good that every day you can find adult related sites going out of business but most of these sites may only have a couple of links from poor quality sites. In fact, that is usually the majority and we don't even bother going after these poor quality sites. We only acquire adult websites that have a higher number of links as part of our packages.

    It truly is like finding a needle in a haystack but in the end these quality properties that we acquire for our customers pays off. A business that is good at converting focused traffic to new customers will thrive for years to come from our adult traffic packages because they own the adult web site traffic forever.

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    Traffic Packages start at $5,000 USD
    Do You Want Cheap Adult Traffic?
    (You own the traffic forever)
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